Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Blogger, new Mac

I am pretty nervous now about my blogging, since receiving a new keyboard and mouse for my Macintosh (Niblet ate the mouse and keyboard cords) AND switching to this new improved Blogger. So far, no real effects from the new blogger, but the Mac is definitely weird.

I was a graphic designer for about five years and worked solely on a Mac, but that was about five years ago--needless to say, this new Mac is VERY different from what I used back then. I also don't have PhotoShop yet, so I can't even modify my photos to post small versions of them on the blog. I have some posts saved up for when I can get on Kat's PC and shrink the photos down, so those are forthcoming.

Further, I noticed when I did the post about my Christmas goodies that the bold/italic and link-to button, etc. do not appear when I enter new posts. I don't know if that's a Mac thing or what. Maybe Birdchick will read this and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Help! As a result, those book titles weren't italicized (killed the English major in me to see that), and I couldn't post pics of the books and the hummingbird feeder, etc. I can't even do the Ctrl+B or whatever to get the font formatting, and I don't know how to make words into links without clicking on that little green world/chain button. Oh Lordy.

So--if anyone out there has experienced this weirdness, please help! I'm posting this entry from work, so everything looks okay (I work on a PC).

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