Friday, February 23, 2007

Thanks to LauraHinNJ’s extensive list of fascinating and beautiful blogs, I’ve discovered Mary’s View, and last week she posted a game of tag. The “rules” are to list at least five things that most people don’t know about you. You’re supposed to then tag another six people, but I’m not doing that part. Here goes with the stuff most people don’t know.

I just typed a neat little 1. and then just sat here for like five minutes. What don’t most people know? Looking at some other people’s lists, I saw a lot of food and housework related stuff. I think everyone knows I hate housework, so there’s no mystery there. Oh wait! I just thought of one:

1. Even though I’m vegetarian and have been almost five years, I still (gulp) sometimes crave a steak or hot wings or barbecue. There! I said it! Honestly, I do sometimes crave the ease of throwing a chicken breast into the oven with a few spices on it, but I think that if I were faced with a plate of meat of any sort, I would probably push it away. I became a vegetarian both because of Kat and to protest the large-scale agriculture operations that run feedlots and steal away animals’ lives. Plus I love their sweet little faces! Still—it was easier being a meat-eater.

Okay—number 2. Hmm…. This is kinda hard!

2. I hate zoos. I realize that many animals are saved from poaching, etc., by zoos, but I just don’t like going to zoos. If I were an animal, I would not enjoy being stared at all day, so I just don’t go.

3. Sometimes I think about going back to teaching. This is something I really don’t share with anyone, because then there would be pressure to DO IT. And on the whole, I don’t want to go back. I sometimes miss the joys of having a student “get it” and I definitely miss my old teaching colleagues, but the grind of disinterested students, “13th graders” (the kind who still gossip, write notes to their classmates, do their makeup, etc. in class, even though they’re now in college and supposed to be adults), grading 150 papers a week—I definitely will NEVER miss that! Still, it wasn’t a bad job, and it had its good points.

4. I wish I could become a movie director. I love watching those extra features on DVDs now, all about the making of a film, the director’s trials and travails, and all that. It’s interesting to me, and I think it would be fun to hang out in cool locations and make an interesting film about something that matters.

5. I am terrified of getting older. I see a few gray hairs on my head, and I’m freaked out. Should I dye it? Should I just let my head go salt-and-pepper, then silver? I don’t know! How fast will happen? I don’t really have any wrinkles yet (I’m 42), but will I suddenly start getting them? Will I finally start to look my age?

So--there's some information that most people don't know about me.


Mary said...

I can relate to the part when you typed "1." and sat there. Happens to me all the time!

I get your "back to teaching" thing. I was a registrar in a high school for fifteen years and after a while it's a drag but then you remember those special moments with special kids.

A movie director? That's hard work. I'd rather be a movie director's assistant :)

About gray hair...there are other things about growing older that freaks me out like wrinkles and stiff body joints. I'd rather have the gray hair!

It's good to know you better, Delia!

dguzman said...

Thanks, Mary! You're right--director's assistant would be better! And growing older has bought much more painful things than gray hairs--weaker muscles and lots more aches and pains--but they don't show as much as those bright silver hairs up on the top of my head. Oy vey.

LauraHinNJ said...

Glad you decided to give this a try. I had a hard time with it too.

Oh and glad you found Mary!