Thursday, October 23, 2008

The loneliness of the long-distance flyer

Last year, when I was driving back home after experiencing my first Fall Migration at Cape May, I remember being overcome with sadness as I watched a flock of cormorants winging their way south over the highway. I told this story here. Prior to that moment, I had just never thought about how many birds die during the migration. Beginning to bird, indeed.
Photograph: Eric Hosking/Corbis

Well, this morning, I found this story of a migrant that reminded me of the happy fact that most birds DO make it, and they make it FAR.

I won't see a bar-tailed godwit in Cape May this weekend, but I know I'll see two lifers, Lynne and KatDoc, and I'll again see some of my favorite birds: Susan Gets Native, Laura H Somewhere in New Jersey, Birdchick, Patrick Belardo from the Hawk Owl's Nest (aka Mr. Thousand-Watt Smile), and John Riutta the Born Again Birdwatcher. I'll be checking these gems off on my lifelist, playing in the waves, watching some birds, and thinking about that bar-tailed godwit.


KGMom said...

Delia--when I saw the title of your post, I just knew it would be about the godwit's long distance trip. I heard this story yesterday on NPR and just loved it.
All animals are endlessly fascinating, but birds seem to have an extra measure of wondrousness.
Enjoy your weekend, blogging friend. Come back with lots of pics and stories for those of us who will be house-bound!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Have fun! Spot some birds for me.

Tina said...

Definitely waiting to see what you spotted! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Earl Cootie said...

Wheee! What fun! Can't wait to hear about it.

(Hm, my word verification is "bless". Don't think I've ever seen a real word before. Could this be a portent of the blessings you'll receive on this trip?)