Thursday, March 19, 2009

Niblet update on an important day

Today's important because he's getting his stitches removed. The appointment is this evening at 6:15, and I'm vaguely remembering from his surgery appt that Dr. Scholz said he'd need to be anesthetized again for the stitch removal, as well as for a tooth check. Seems I haven't been giving Niblet enough apple and pear wood sticks to chew, and his teeth are just a hair (heh) too long. So she'll be taking care of that tonight as well -- at least I think I remember that. I really was pretty wacked out on the day of his surgery. I wouldn't be surprised to find out I'd forgotten to wear pants that day, but I don't recall any screams or stares.

I don't recall them, anyway.
I hope I'm not right about the anesthesia, because it's really traumatic to see him go under and then have to wake up and stuff. His little soft body goes so limp, and it makes me scared and sad.

This morning, I tried to look closely at the incision site because it seemed a little puffy to me, but I touched it and he ran away. Now I'm really worried that underneath, he's developed more pus and stuff, hence the puffiness. Let's hope not.
Full report tomorrow, probably with new pictures (I'm hoping she'll clean him up a bit and he won't be all bloody and stuff). Think of my little Son, Moon, and Stars™ tonight, friends.


Lynne said...

Will do.

NCmountainwoman said...

Fingers crossed and positive thoughts.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thinking good thoughts as HARD as I CAN!!!!!

bunnygirl said...

Sending lots of love. Be well, Niblet!

Lisa said...

oh that little guy! I'm keeping good thoughts!

The Bunns said...


KGMom said...

He is such a sweetie.
And your concern--soft body going limp--is VERY understandable.
Awaiting the report; fingers crossed for good good news.
Oh, NCMntWmn crossed fingers--OK, toes crossed.

Matty Boy said...

Looking forward with hope.

dguzman said...

Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers! Niblet is doing GREAT! About to put up a post with photos!