Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My hopes for #200

As I mentioned in my next-to-last post, I'm now officially at 199 birds on the lifelist. I have been hoping to go birding one of these mornings before work, but it's been raining all week. Like I didn't get soaked enough in Cape May?

I'm hoping that we get a good sunny morning on Saturday or Sunday. In that spirit, here's my list of bird-candidates that I'd like to see take the coveted 200 spot:

Photo by Jeffrey A. Gordon, taken at the New River Birding and Nature Festival

1. Scarlet Tanager--this bird has been my nemesis for a couple of years now. I always look but never find. Zick found one for me at Oil Creek two years ago, but of course it flew away right when I looked up, so I caught only a blur. I don't count blurs. I just want to see this bird so badly--red is my favorite color, and the thought of such a beautiful red bird with black wings just makes me happy. And my gosh, look at Jeff's beautiful photo! (I shamelessly stole the pic from his excellent blog.)

2. Painted Bunting--I know--unless I'm going to Florida (with a blindfold on the whole way), the beautiful "Monet bird" is NOT going to take the 200 spot. I still love this bird, though--always have. Some day....

3. Bobolink--at least this one's possible, given my location. I soooo want to hear this song, which was described by some Flockers as sounding like R2-D2, one of my favorite Star Wars characters. (Han Solo's the man.)

4. Evening Grosbeak--I dig the black and yellow birds, and I especially love grosbeaks. (Rose-breasted is my favorite.) When I was at Middle Creek, a guy told me he hadn't seen an Evening Grosbeak in PA in over 15 years. WTF!? Odds are this bird won't appear, but I want to see one!

5. Prothonotary Warbler--would LOVE to see this bird; he's so beautiful! And now that I live in PA, I actually kinda know what a prothonotary is! (I wanted to drive to Belleplain when we were in Jersey just to see this bird, but we just never found the time.)

So this is my wishlist. I should take Painted Bunting off, but you know me--always dreaming of having silly stuff like Slayer strength or the ability to go into Harry Potter's world (and of course I'd be a Muggle witch just like Hermione!).

I'll keep you posted on the quest. Meanwhile, cross your primaries and think birdy thoughts!


Matty Boy said...

Better get these before the move to California. I think the bobolink might exist around here, but the rest aren't local, to the best of my knowledge.

Bubs said...

Those are worthy goals--good luck with them!

When we were in L.A. a couple weeks ago I was thrilled to see more hummingbirds than I've ever seen in one place before. I can see why you love birdwatching.

Lynne said...

Make a stop in northern Minnesota this winter and I guarantee you a flock of Evening Grosbeaks. (Pine Grosbeaks too!)

Susan Gets Native said...

There is a whole field of bobolinks at the New River Festival...they nest there.
I think we all need to go back next year. Start a savings account, Shorty, so we can get you there.

Lisa said...

What a wishlist!

We've had the rose-breasted grosbeak from time to time and they are gorgeous.

Larry said...

Sounds like a nice lineup of choices but don't be in a rush to hit it because then you'll have to work your way all the way up to 300
Tanagers seem to always hng near the tops of trees in a lot of foliage.-I usually find them fron their two notes call something like pa-chang.

John said...

The next Evening Grosbeak or Painted Bunting I see will be the first.

Scarlet Tanagers ought to give the best odds. I always have trouble tracking them down, though. While their song is distinctive and loud, the singers are good at blending into the background.

NCmountainwoman said...

Do not take the Painted Bunting off the wish list for #200. We all have to wish for things we haven't a prayer of receiving. Good luck!

dguzman said...

Matty Boy--I know! I'm in a panic! I want to try to get as many Eastern birds as possible in the remaining time here, so that I'll hit 300 in CA.


Lynne--Winter? in MN? Am I insane or something?

Susan--I heard! I'll start saving, but maybe we should all head west? Maybe Potholes and Prairies?

Lisa--I love 'em.

Larry--so true! It's taking me forever to hit 200, so I'll be used to the frustration.

John--that's what I've heard, and it makes no sense to me -- I mean, they're blood red and black! But they can hide well, I guess.

NCMtnWoman--I can dream!

dAwN said...

Oh..what a great list! I am routing for the Scarlet Tanager. Go tanager..Go. see dguzman!

dguzman said...

Dawn--I'm hoping for the SCTA as well. My friend Niki just told me this morning that her grandma's got one as a YARD BIRD! If she didn't live three hours away, I'd be there NOW.

Earl Cootie said...

Hey, if you zip up here real quick, we could probably find you an Evening Grosbeak. I hear there are Bobolinks out east, but I've yet to see one. Maybe I'll hit 200 this year too. Last I checked, I was in the high one-eighties. Congratulations on the 199 though, and good luck on 200!

Mel said...

Hola Delia,
200?? I haven't even reach the 100 yet :(
Your wishlist is awesome, I hope you get to see them all! So curious about which one will be the 200!

Bj said...

Hi! We have had more Rose-breasted Grosbeaks than ever before here, mid TN/KY border. Started with one male and turned into a real gathering! Their numbers continued to climb until they had taken over the entire yard area. For a month they stayed and literally overnight last week, they were all gone. I did see one stray female yesterday.

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