Thursday, September 03, 2009

More from Point Reyes

I had a bunch more pics to show you from our trip to Point Reyes National Seashore. Here are some flowers that were growing right out of a cliff:
and here, from Tomales Bay, are some anemones (I think):These were everywhere at the water's edge; some were out of the water, as the tide was out. I guess they'll just be okay until the water comes back, or they wouldn't have built there, right?

After seeing the point and cliffs, we came down to the beach at the bottom of the cliff. Here are a couple of young gulls at different stages of their development. I think this one is a first-winter Ring-billed Gull:Mostly white, with the ring on the bill.
But this solid gray guy--what is he?He was very audacious and came almost right up to us to see what we were doing. Okay, Bill of the Birds' Identify Yourself says, "Gulls start out brown and end up gray or black and white." I've got a gray one here, most definitely, so he's probably a third year, I think? The thing that's throwing me off is that red bill with the black tip -- it's like a tern's bill. But he's too big to be a tern, isn't he?

By now, the cold was no longer bracing and invigorating (Matty's words when we were up on the point); we had to leave! The water was freezing, but I did make sure to dip my toes in. It wasn't the first time for me and the Pacific, but it also wasn't the last.


Elizabeth said...

He's a Heermann's gull in transition from breeding plumage to winter plumage. Aren't they adorable?!! They're my favorite gull. Newbies like me really like them because they're the easiest gull to identify.

I mention them here ( if you're interested. Please, please tell me if leaving links to my blog bothers you. I'm trying to be helpful and not trying to plug my blog, but I can see how either interpretation seems obvious.

John said...

Heermann's Gull is pretty high on my want list, but I missed it the last time I was in the bay area.

The Bunns said...

Your blog sounds about like what Lewis and Clark would have blogged when they got to the Pacific too!

Mary said...


I've been away so long and missed too much. But tonight I sort of caught up and I love where you are. You have shorebirds. And an ocean nearby, right? A whole new world, actually. New flora, fauna, bewds...

You're blogging away and giving real good stuff. You have a kid sister named Mary!


Dr. Zaius said...

Hey@ I've been there! I grew up near there.

dguzman said...

Elizabeth -- SWEET! LIFER! Wow! Who knew!? I really did like him -- he followed us around like he was very annoyed with our mere presence on HIS beach. No, your link doesn't bother me at all--I'll add you to my blogroll!

John--I'm so stoked -- wow.

Bunns--I'm flattered!

Mary--WOW, I am so excited that you stopped by; I know you've been away from the bloggies for a while. Thanks for your sweet comments, and yes--my kid sister's name is Mary, aka Hairy Mary, aka Mareeeeeeeeeah, aka....

Dr. Zaius--really? Wow! Well, I'll be sure to add more pics of your homeland. I'm sure you miss the jungles of coastal California....

Earl Cootie said...

Heermann's is my favorite gull too! Love that saucy lipstick!

Elizabeth said...


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