Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two additional lifers

Well, it seems that the powers that be in South Texas have decided that my Song Sparrow was really a Lincoln's. I guess I see their point; with all that gray on his sides, he makes an odd Song Sparrow.

I feel a little strange about calling the Lincoln's a lifer, kinda like I was hesitant to call the American Pipit I photographed but couldn't necessarily ID a lifer. But I've changed my mind, thanks in part to Beth in NYC's comment that just because I couldn't ID a bird right off doesn't change the fact that I saw it. God knows my ID skills are those of a relative beginner when compared with guys like John at A DC Birding Blog or my major birdy hero Julie Zickefoose.

So I'm going to count these birds, the Lincoln's Sparrow and the American Pipit, and I'm going to hope that I recognize them right off the next time I see them. That brings my ABA lifelist number to a whopping 269, which really pleases me.

But you know what?

I'd love to have to see a lot of those 269 birds over again--especially the ones I don't see every day. I'm gonna try to get in some early morning birding this week or weekend because I'd really like to see some warblers. I've been focused a lot on wetland/shorebirds, and my warbler skills have suffered.


Felicia said...

You're right to claim those birds as lifers: a life list is a list of birds you saw, and you clearly saw (and photographed) the pipit and the Lincoln's Sparrow! Many of my life birds were those pointed out to me and IDed by people with far better birding skills than me, and I learned a lot about those birds from those detailed introductions. Enjoy your new birds!

dguzman said...

Thanks, Felicia!

Earl Cootie said...

Definitely right! I often see unrecognizable (to me) birds at a distance but photograph them so that once home I can crop and enlarge the photos enough that I can identify them. Seeing is seeing (is listing).

dAwN said...

Yeah..Lifer for sure..You documented this bird.
I know many people, who will take photos then ID a bird.

and Yeah..I have birded with John and his birding skills are excellent...

dguzman said...

Thanks Earl and dAwN!