Sunday, June 13, 2010

San Antonio birding, day 1, part 2

In addition to being confused by swallows, flirted with by night-herons, and confused by mutt ducks, we also saw a lot of cool butterflies and wildflowers. Here's a little photo album, with IDs where I could figure them out:
some kind of sulphur? John and Hap say Checkered White. Sounds good.

cute little purple flower

Swamp Rose Mallow

blue horse-nettle

pretty purple flower

Mexican Hat

Mexican Poppy

unknown pretty flower

Common Checkered-Skipper (thanks, Hap)


unidentified butterfly

I couldn't figure this one out; shaped like a Mourning Cloak but colored differently. It was just plain gray on the outer wing-sides and this vibrant orange-copper on the inside. John and Hap say Goatweed Leafwing -- sounds good!

An American Lotus among the lilypads

a more battered Checkered White.

tiny little toad in my niece Lilia's hand


Elizabeth said...

I love your toad!!! We have very tiny frogs here that make loud sounds, but I haven't seen one yet.

John said...

I think the first white butterfly is a Checkered White. The big orange one is probably a Goatweed Leafwing. The one with orange on the underside of its wings looks like some sort of metalmark or checkerspot, but I'm not sure which.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I agree with John that the 1st
white one is a Checkered White,
and I think the last, very worn
one is the same species. I also
think the orange beauty is a
Goatweed Leafwing. I think the
one with black, orange, & white
on the underside is a Phaon Crescent (Phyciodes phaon ).
Finally, I think that Checkered
Skipper is not the Desert C.S.
which is rather uncommon, but the
more common Common Checkered
Skipper (Pyrgus communis). I find
Butterflies of North America by
Jim Brock and Kenn Kaufman is a
valuable resource for butterflies.
Great pictures, keep 'em coming!
Hap in New Hope

Rabbits' Guy said...

I feel like I'm back in Bio 101.

Anonymous said...


dguzman said...

Elizabeth--these guys were quiet and numerous!

John and Hap--thanks to you guys, I have learned so much! I'll update accordingly! I'm looking into getting a butterfly guide, but at this point, I'm straining to keep up with birds and wildflowers--not to mention straining AB's patience with my ever-multiplying obsessions. Still... hee hee hee!

dguzman said...

Rabbits' Guy--isn't it more fun, though? And no grades or quizzes!

John said...

I second Hap's recommendation of the Kaufman guide for butterflies. It's great because it uses photos of living butterflies and shows samples of both males and females. For skippers, it will often show up to four example photos to show the range of variation, which is very important for that difficult group.

Anonymous said...