Monday, October 25, 2010

Cape May Countdown: 3 days

That's three days until Friday's day of fun and birding!

I've been working on a new project lately: getting photographs of every lifebird I've gotten. I've had to search back through the blog for some photos, as I don't have any of the photographs I took from 2006-2008 (they were on Kat's computer), and I either haven't always been able to get photos of other birds I've seen or I must've put them on my old Macintosh computer that's in Texas, so I don't have access to them right now. Still, I'm working on compiling and organizing. I don't have an exact count just yet but I working on it.

I'm also getting the eBird "needs alert" from Cape May, and if I'm lucky I'll be able to not only get some lifers but add some more lifer photographs to my file. So that will be an added challenge!

I'm hoping that AB can reschedule a late Thursday afternoon meeting so we can leave earlier. Can't wait to get there!


The Bunns said...

How many times have you packed and re-packed???

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Have fun Delia!

dguzman said...

Bunns--I'm an EXPERT packer. My trick: I point at the parts of my body and get enough for each part. (i.e.: feet--I grab socks and shoes, put them on the bed. Lower body--I grab panties and pants/shorts, put them on the bed. Upper body--bras and shirts, etc.) It's foolproof!