Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet YardBird of Youth

We've had a first-year female Cape May Warbler hanging around the pines in the backyard for the last three days:

If it looks like I'm right there next to the bird, it's because I was. She was surprisingly tolerant, flitting right at eye level and over my head in the low branches of the big pine and the yew shrubbery under it (A SHRUBBERY! hee hee) as I photographed her.

Pretty cool. Baby G came over and saw it yesterday and tonight -- a lifer for her!

Not a bad yard bird!


Rabbits' Guy said...

I'm pretty convinced that birds that are born where there is a lot of people activity don't retain much skittishness.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Lucky you to get such beautiful, long looks! You sure got some nice pix-

dguzman said...

Rabbits' Guy, I don't know if she was born around here or just migrating through, but she was completely oblivious to me. It was kinda neat to be so close.

Lynne--it was awesome!

Larry said...

That's a great yardbird!I would have had to look that one up to id it.I've only seen one once

dguzman said...

Larry, I confess I didn't know what it was for sure -- I had some help from my local listserv guys.