Monday, November 19, 2012

Pine Grosbeaks!

We're having a winter finch blowout up here in Maine, but I've struck out every time I've gone looking for them... UNTIL TODAY!

This morning, someone on the listserv posted that there was a big flock of them in the crabapple trees outside the L.L. Bean HQ about ten minutes from here. So I actually got out of bed before 9:30 (which rarely happens!) and drove down -- and there they were! I heard their little two-note high-low "PEEP-peep" calls, looked up, and there they were -- lifers.

Beautiful! And they were so accommodating, posing for me with the beautiful blue sky as their backdrop.

Last night, I had gone to buy birdseed at a local dealer who'd had some PIGR at their feeders, but all I got were piggy little House Finches:
I've got to plant some crabapple trees soon; they're magnets for winter finches!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Sweet! We get lots of Evening Grosbeaks and Black-headed Grosbeaks at various times. I think the Pine Grosbeaks here must say farther east and higher in the mountains.

catharus said...