Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lifer Gull!?! Me? YES!

Yes, folks, I got a lifer today, and it was a GULL! After careful study and a tip from a local birder about the presence of a Glaucous Gull over in Bath (conveniently enough, where I am working!), I was able to score a lifer gull!

Normally, I don't really look at gulls because -- let's face it -- they're ridiculously difficult. Every once in a while, I have been able to spot a different-looking gull and, usually with the aid of other more experienced birders, I am able to confirm an ID. This time, I knew where to look and had studied enough to find the different gull!

Can you spot it (despite my lame digi-binned images)?
Hint: he's near the bottom of the frame!

How about now:

No? I don't blame you -- it's the crappy photo. How about NOW?
YES! An immature Glaucous Gull -- pink bill with black tip, pink legs, not a speck of black on his wingtips, and pale brownish wings!

Here he is, flapping his pale pale brownish wings!
Never mind that guy to the left -- look at him!


That's 373. My slow climb to 400 continues!


MoB said...

amazing composition of whites here. nice pics!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Where's Waldo? !!!

dguzman said...

Master--we'll, thank you! Welcome to the bloggy!

RGuy--it's cheating if I tell you!

Dawn Fine said...

Congrats! I see it... :)