Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chrysalis update

Well, not much change on the chrysalis so far. This is the Day 5 photo:
Looks much the same as the Day 1 photo, only there's more water in the can today, which I suppose serves to stifle the cancer-causing toxins which might be wafting into our little butterfly's thorax.

It's difficult to see here, but there's this little line of gold dots there toward the upper part of the chrysalis. It's quite beautiful.

Speaking of bad images, I've learned from Kat that my birthday surprise, a Nikon CP4800, is on the way! Boy, am I pumped. She says she won't allow me to use it until next Friday, but I'm hoping she'll break down under the force of my whimpering.

I've just been googling "monarch chrysalis" and have found a series of photos detailing the whole process of caterpillar changing into pupal stage that I obviously missed. I can't be 100% sure that my chrysalis is a monarch, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I wish I could call in sick for the next week or so to watch the metamorphosis.


LauraHinNJ said...

It's a monarch chrysalis! Isn't it gorgeous?

I have one in my yard that I'm watching, expecting it to emerge any day now. The weather has been so cold and rainy, but I've read that it takes 10-14 days. The *skin* of the chrysalis will become transparent before the butterfly emerges. I wish I could take the time from work, too. I think it's kind of a once in a lifetime thing, you know?

Anyway to scoop some of that water out of the can? I'd worry about it drowning before it has a chance to fly away.


elizabird said...

It is a monarch. I have one on the dining room table. We got caterpillars from a local nursery on plants we bought. We kept them inside so wasps wouldn't get them. The gold dots are spectactular. Pure gold.
When it turns blackish look closely cause you can see the orange and black through the skin.
Your rabbit is lucky!

dguzman said...

Cool--good to have confirmation. Still wishing I could call in sick and just spy on it all the time and take pictures.

WASPS eat them????

Thanks--we are lucky to have Niblet! He's the apple of my eye.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday on the 15th! We share the same birthday!


I also share the love of the bunny & a new interest to birding!

Small world!

dguzman said...

Happy birthday to you as well, Anonymous. As I always say, Great people were born in September.

Please feel free to look over the history of my rather bumpy road to bird knowledge, especially The Scope saga. It's going to end up longer than Beowulf.

Anonymous said...

When I read this post I thought you should check out Burning Silo and especially this post. Bev blogs about all forms of narutal life and I've learned lots there.

I'm enjoying reading about your beginning birding. Your place looks lovely. I'll be back!!


BTW- we have a bunny (Buddy)too!!