Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bird Bonanza and two lifers!

What an exciting day at the feeders! We're under about six inches of snow, but the sun is out and the sky is a brilliant blue. I'm still stuffy and coughy from my recent cold (which kept me home for three stinkin' days), but I sure could use some sun. Let's go do the FeederWatch count!

The first bird I noticed was a little song sparrow who somehow lost his tail feathers.

Worse yet, the other birds were chasing him away from the feed I'd scattered on the ground. Look at this sweet face; how could they be so mean to him?

He stuck around for the entire two hours I watched; I guess it wasn't a pleasant meal, but it was a meal.
While photographing him, I accidentally caught a bird who'd just taken off:

Not so great focus, but still cool!

And of course, what would spring be without some big old grackles hogging the feeders?

The starlings were also out in force, including these three amigos:

I even saw a white-throated sparrow; I thought they'd all gone north!

Now to the LIFERS!
First, a female red-winged blackbird (I hope!):

I tried to get photos from all angles, to make sure the birding police could check the situation out and approve my ID; can someone stamp my passport, please?

Second, a photo of what I believe to be a fox sparrow--a lifer! Here again, I'll offer my papers; perhaps the proper authorities could direct me to the correct ID?

This guy was rather aggressive under the feeder, and his usual target was our poor little guy with no tail. However, I got this cool photo of him, the female RWblackbird, the no-tail bird, and the white-throated sparrow!

Two lifers in one photo, a bird I thought I wouldn't see again until next winter, and our poor unfortunate tailless sparrow! What a day!

I also got two pretty good close-up photos: a tufted titmouse

and the first American robin to appear in the backyard this season

And what do the kitties have to say about all this bird action?

Did someone say birds?

Leave the bird; take the cannoli.

Let me at 'em!


KGMom said...

What a great series of bird photos. I love the tufted titmouse sitting on the berry bush.
I am no bird expert (just a bird enabler) so I can't vouch for your lifers. Good luck.
And finally, I love your kitty photos. My kitties sit at the window and see "mmrreeeh" when they see a bird. It is not a meow, but a specific sound they make only when they see birds.

Mary said...

Well, Delia, you sure did have a great day! I can't comment on the female RWB, but I know that was a Fox Sparrow. A good find!

I just can't get over that poor song sparrow without a tail. That breaks my heart.

Glad to see you had a Robin - spring is near. Great shot of that titmouse! I LOVE THEM.

My wish for you is that the snow thaws soon and the birds relax during their meals. And may the sun warm your back.

Mary said...

And I forgot to mention your kitties. I so miss having them... Do they make those clicking/chortling noises at the birds through the window?

Susan Gets Native said...

That looks very much like a female RWB. And a fox sparrow!

The song sparrow may have lost his tail because of other birds plucking at him. He may have a problem that we can't see. Or maybe he just molted all wrong.

dguzman said...

I like the explanation that he "molted all wrong"--sort-of a freak of nature kind of thing! Sounds better than other birds picking on him.

Mary--definitely yes--the kitties make their little "kak-kak" sounds and rattle their tails when they bird-watch! But I don't think the birds are fooled, do you?