Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A stranger in the house

Sweet Kitty Kisses is an active and loving cat. Here she is, with her two favorite things: plastic grocery bags and Fancy Feast catfood. I love all the white fur spots on her: her little white front toes (as though she tipped them in white paint), the boots on her back feet, the little spot on her nose (I call her Milk Nose sometimes), and the white diamond of fur on her throat--like a white-throated sparrow.

I go upstairs and--wait--who’s this? Where’s the milk nose?

Looks like Kisses, but...

Hold it--solid tabby toes?

Solid tabby boots?

What’s going on?

“Are you getting this, mommy? Look at this poor excuse for a Kisses!”

At this point, the jig is up. I have to explain to Kisses that she now has another sister; her real biological sister, from the same litter, has now come to live with us. By a strange twist of fate, she had been taken back to PAWS by the people who originally adopted her, and we got a call asking if we would adopt her.

Kisses can’t believe it. “Are you my sister?”

Sure enough, Sugar Cookie has come to stay.

Clawsie’s adjusting. She’s currently in quarantine in Mommy’s office, due to a nasty little upper respiratory infection. However, most of the time, Clawsie just lets Cookies be.

Niblet tries to get Cookies to chase her, binkying back and forth in front of a very puzzled Cookies. “What is that giant mouse doing running in front of me? He’s huge!”

Welcome to the family, sweet Sugar Cookie.


Mary said...

A reunion! How grand! LOL!

I am so glad you speak for your kitties and bunnies like I speak for my doggies. Looks like, due to biological ties, harmony is on the horizon.

I'd love to have cats in my house again, but with an allergic husband, it's a no go. He had inhalers to ease his pain for 15 years. For many years, we had two to three cats at one time.

There's nothing better than watching hunched backs and sideways skids during play.

Keep the kitty photos coming!

Susan Gets Native said...

Yay! Another tabby lover!
Hands down, the best kind of cat in the world. (Don't tell my Russian Blue and my Ragdoll I said that)

And you have Kisses' sister. That is the coolest, ever.

Hey, Mary: My DH was allergic to them, too. But when we got married, he had to be married to my then TWO cats, too.
He actually got desensitized...but then again, I am a woman who can't hear the word NO.

Love the kitties!!!!

dguzman said...

I feel so sorry for people who are allergic to animals, especially cats. Em has a friend who can't come over for more than a few hours at a time, unless she wants to be Benadryl zombie. It's sad!

Oh, my kitties definitely have their conversations, both with each other and with the bunny. And it's always an amusing sight to watch them interact.

These are my first tabbies, and I LOVE them! They're such great lap-cats, just so loving and sweet. Clawsie (our tortoise-shell calico) is your usual calico--CRAZY--but even she sometimes deigns to sit in our laps. What an honor!