Thursday, February 21, 2008

Raptors invade my work!

Well, a single raptor, and he was sitting outside the window right next to the building!

Here are some pics I got (way to go Delia, for remembering her camera!):

My ID is an adult Cooper's Hawk. Susan Gets Native -- what say you? And is that some recent blood/flesh on the beak? He sat out there for a while--maybe digesting?


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! What a beautiful bird! And great photos!!!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Gosh - what gorgeous pics!

Mary said...

Delia, I'm so glad you remembered your camera! Wow. What a good close-up. The eye color looks like an immature to me but I'm totally, hopelessly useless with hawk IDs.

Good job!

Susan Gets Native said...

Good one, D!
Mary is half-right about the juvenile eye color. I can see the tiniest bit of yellow at the top of that awesomely fierce eye. That bird probably hatched in 2006.
And that IS a bit of food remaining on the beak.
Really great photos! You get a new camera or sumfin?
*going back to look at them again*

Lynne said...

Fantabulous fotos Delia! He looks way fluffed up.

dguzman said...

That bird was maybe ten feet from me, through the glass. It was soooo cool!

Mary--look at you, spotting that little yellow in the eyes--you're a pro! Thanks, Susan! This is the same Kodak Z712-IS that I had just gotten before Cape May. I'm just getting better at using it, I think! Plus I took about a hundred pics, so I was bound to get a couple good ones!

Lynne, he was way fluffy, because it was sooo freakin' cold (probably in the teens) yesterday.

KGMom said...

Delia---cool cool cool pics. Wow, so close. Love the look in his eye--not another step closer, human.

birdchick said...

Delia! What a great shot! That flat head looks like an adult Cooper's.

I'm not sure about age, they used to say that you could age them by eye color, but an article a few years ago said that wasn't a diagnostic aging tool.

I wonder if the bird hit the window and was recovering for a little bit? Accipiters love to chase birds into windows and sometimes they don't put the breaks on in time.

FranIAm said...

Oh my- Delia, what photos!!

dguzman said...

Birdchick--thanks for the "flat head" info; not being too into raptors, I didn't know that one. Hadn't thought about the window-crash theory--he was first in a small crabapple tree, then flew about 100 yards and landed on the ground.

KGmom--thank you, but you know--this guy just sat there, unfazed by people walking a few yards away (they didn't see him). I don't think he could even see me; the windows are reflective.

Matty Boy said...

Good raptor work, dg. I haven't birded since LBJ was prezdint, but I would have guessed juvenile because of how fluffy the feathers are.

dguzman said...

Matty--I think he was fluffed up against the cold cold wind.