Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Santa Gretchen

No sooner did I confess that I was a little distracted from birding and thus hadn't gone out anywhere, than I spent this past weekend out in nature and looking for birds! I didn't see anything too exciting--the hawk in the post below, an American Kestrel, some bluebirds, and a whole lot of Canadas, starlings, and crows--but Gretchen came back from her winter holiday bearing gifts for me! (I got her a camping mess kit, because we looooove camping and are planning to do a lot of it this spring.)

Gretchen said a new Half-Price Books, a chain I loved when I lived in Texas, opened in Pittsburgh, and here's what she found:

1. Why Birds Sing: One Man's Quest to Solve an Everyday Mystery, by David Rothenberg

I haven't started on either book just yet, as I'm finishing up another couple of books, but I'm so excited to start reading each book. Why Birds Sing was written by the guy who played his clarinet out in the Australian forests, and the IBW book is of course about the search for the Grail Bird. As I always do when confronted with an impossible choice of which book to read first, I'll go alphabetically. Grail Bird ho!

Not that kind of ho.


Kallen305 said...

Both sound like great books. I have really gotten into reading nature books lately to compensate for my lack of birding in the past couple of weeks.

Enjoy the reading and birding when you can.

Lynne said...

Neat books. I love Half Price Books. About once a month I'm sure to find a treasure. Last month it was a little book that opened up and had plastic pages that were records (45's) of bird songs! Like a retro birdJam!

your word verification is


KGMom said...

Someone who can find books at half price! That is great.
Enjoy all your reading.
And if you pick up the ivory bill trail, and find one--let us all know.

dguzman said...

Kallen--will do!

Lynne--I love HPB too, for the same reason. That retro birdjam sounds cool! Did you play it on your retro (Barbie, perhaps?) turntable? UMBOOTY!

KGMom--I love used bookstores in general. I'll definitely call the Flock if I get even a sniff of an IBW!

Earl Cootie said...

Lord God! Does this mean we'll be getting reviews in the near future?

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, YAY for Gretchen!

UMBOOTY. That's priceless.

And who you callin' a HO?


Dr Zibbs said...

The sad thing is, I hear the sighting the other year was a hoax.

Owlman said...

Interesting reading for HALF price - How can u beat that???

dguzman said...

Earl--yup! Reviews (or at least my summaries as well as bitchin' and complimentin') are on the way!

Susan--hee hee hee!

Zibbs--really????? I know that Birdchick thought (stressed "thought") she might've seen something... wow. That would be disappointing. Will have to read up on that.

Owlman--exactly! HPBks rocks!

Anonymous said...



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