Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gone to Texas, baby

It's Sunday morning, and I've been here at my parents' home in San Antonio since late Friday night. It's been wonderful seeing my family, some of whom I haven't seen since about four years ago!

Here are a couple of photos:

From left, big bro Ricardo, me, Raquel's daughter Lilia, Mommy, Ricardo's daughter Olivia, Raquel's daughter Bronte, and big sis Raquel (photo by Daddy). Note the shorts! It was probably in the mid-60s, though it cooled off a little later when a cold front blew through.
This is everyone again, with Ricardo taking the photo so you could see my daddy.

Saturday morning found me outside in the driveway with Lilia, who likes birds too, watching a strange little warbler-like bird fluttering among the oak leaves. I thought I'd gotten at least a cruddy picture, but now it's just all leaves and no bird. ? So it had a distinctly yellowish tint to its buff underparts, with a white eye ring, a skinny pointy warbler beak, and one wingbar--perhaps two, but it was hard to tell. I thought it might be an Orange-crowned Warbler--but they don't have that little wingbar, do they? Then I thought maybe female Common Yellowthroat. I wish I'd gotten a photo.

Next, I had to photograph one of the ridiculously abundant White-winged Doves fluttering and calling in the neighborhood; they're everywhere!

Not a great photo, but at least you can see the white parts of the wings. These guys are much larger than MODOs, and much noisier!

The only other neighborhood birds in abundance were Common Grackles and Northern Cardinals. No photos there, you know. I'm planning to visit several good birding spots here in San Antonio. Before I left PA, I googled around and found a list of San Antonio winter birds, with letters indicating the probability of seeing each bird during the winter months in Central Texas; I put it into a spreadsheet and sorted it; after marking (in red text) all the potential lifebirds among the common and fairly common birds, I then tabbed every page in my fieldguide that had a potential lifer on it. I'm sooo ready!

After the morning birding and photography sessions, I had to go see my old friend Charlie in Austin, who had asked me come over and record the guitar parts for a demo he's working on. This girl writes and sings her own songs, but her guitar-playing is less than stellar. Here's Charlie and me working in his little "studio;" I'm plugged directly into a thing called ProTools by DigiDesign. It's amazing; you just plug right in, and it records everything like in a real studio, only just in a little room; it's all computerized:
This is Charlie's "give me the information, old man" face.
More recording.
Just a leeeeetttle bit more....
me, all focus-y. (All photos by Mary Guzman)

After a loooong day of recording (much longer than I'd expected, because I've only had the songs for a few days so I had to learn them, make up guitar parts for both rhythm and lead guitar, and deal with the many screw-ups and foibles of recording), my sister Mary brought me back to San Antonio and I went to bed.

Tomorrow, we're planning to do some birding in McAllister Park, which my mom says is full of birds! Until then, friends, Remember the Alamo!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You are a woman of many talents. Have fun with your family!

Bubs said...

Man, what a nice-looking bunch! What kind of music were you playing?

If you go to the Alamo, remember to ask to see the basement.

KGMom said...

Good for you, Delia. Nothing like some family time to recharge the batteries and soothe the soul. . .I hope.

Lynne said...

What a beautiful family!
Young Bronte looks JUST LIKE YOU.
I never knew you were such a geetar wizz!

Go get those birds--

Mary said...

Have a wonderful time, Delia. Being with family and Texan birds can't get much better.

Looking forward to more adventures!


Lisa said...

What great photos of you and your family! It looks like a great trip. I'm so glad you're having fun and doing the things you love with the people you love.

Rabbits' Guy said...

San Antonio .. seems i remember that's around "hill country" anf quite pretty ....

LauraHinNJ said...

Ahh... nice to see pics of you with the family!

Have fun... hope you get some good birds!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Gimme a call!
Margaritas on me.

dguzman said...

Dr. Monkey--thanks! So are you.... well, not a woman, really. A monkey.

Bubs--thanks! Original music--poppy love songs that refuse to leave my brain. DEFINITELY going to try to gain access to the Alamo's basement -- hee hee.

Donna--definitely. Relaxing!

Lynne--that's what everyone says! It's our little round moon-faces.

Mary--it's soooo warm down here!

Lisa--it's been even more fun than I thought it would be.

Rabbits' Guy--your memory serves you well, sir.


Zipdrive--will do! Just gotta find your phone number....

FranIAm said...

Look how cute you are - all you Guzmans are cute, but you is the cutest!!!

Anonymous said...


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