Monday, November 22, 2010

Look at this!

You know how I love to look through the folders from old trips (I save my photos by trip and date); it's fun to remember the many things I saw that I might not otherwise recall. Sometimes, I find a surprise--the possible Cave Swallow was, I think, just a Purple Martin. But this:I was looking through the photos from my Rio Grande Valley trip with my sister Mary, and I remembered taking photos of this little bird on a wire.

I'm thinking Loggerhead Shrike! What do you think?


Dr. MVM said...

Bird on a wire, definitely.

John said...

It sure looks like a shrike, and by range it ought to be a Loggerhead.

dguzman said...

Dr. Monkey--thank you, sir!

John--cool! I remember taking the pics to confirm later what I was hoping was a shrike. AWESOME! Now... can I count it as a lifer?

dguzman said...

Oh man--I already saw a Loggerhead Shrike! No lifer! I saw one at Hornsby Bend near Austin. Ha ha--end of lifer debate. However, it's another lifer photo!