Tuesday, February 08, 2011

On to new horizons

So we did end up getting out of our lease (thanks for all your support and advice!), and I'm scrambling to schedule movers, transfer utilities, etc. Meanwhile, we had another cave-in last night -- incredible!

Some cracks had opened up in the bedroom where we had all the leaks last week and we noticed that, just from the time we left in the morning, things deteriorated:


Last night around midnight:

This happened after we'd just gotten into bed, which we'd moved back into the bedroom but even farther away from the cracks. Thank goodness for that; one foot over made a big difference.

And all THIS happened after we'd gone out to the new house to look around some more (signed the lease yesterday), and then while driving back I lost control of my vehicle, spun around, and landed us in a deep ditch filled with about three feet of snow. Two hours and $200 later, a wrecker had come and pulled us out, along with the poor guy who pulled over to see if we were okay but then got stuck in the same ditch (I paid for his tow too, of course).

So last night, about 2 a.m., we lay in bed (in the dining room, which is now the "good" room, despite the plywood over the giant ceiling hole) and wondered what else could happen.

On a good note, I caught this little moment this morning:Maya's allergies are acting up again (due to the mold?) so we had to put the cone back on her to prevent her from scratching up her face; we're taking the kitties, the bunny, and an airbed over to the new house tonight after work!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Holy cow! You gals are getting out just in time.

Abu Scooter said...

Looks like your (ahem) departing landlord won't have to wait for the water to "leach out" of the walls. I'm glad you're getting out now. Hopefully, poor Maya can lose her cone of shame soon.

John said...

That mold looks scary. I'm glad you're getting out so quickly!

Elizabeth said...

What everyone else said, black mold is bad!

dguzman said...

Dr. Monkey--boy, don't I know it!

Abu Scooter--and later today after he saw everything, he said, "oh well at least there wasn't that much water left up there!" HELLO, dude, where were you when the waterfall cascaded out of the bedroom ceiling last night for like an hour!?

John--it's been a whirlwind, and it's not over.

Elizabeth--I know! I read that link you sent me!

Fran said...

That is horrifying!! I am so glad that you are out.

Susan Gets Native said...

The color of that insulation actually made me gag.
We need to hear more about this 'country' house. In the country....like the real country?

elizabird said...

Great idea...moving. I hope your next spot is trouble free.

dguzman said...

Fran--I'm just so glad we're out. The smell was probably the worst part. Well, that and the fear.

Susan--yes, in the country! Updates and pics coming soon!

Elizabird--how's Colorado?