Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Owls O, Stars 2

Gretchen and I went owling tonight in the Scotia Barrens but came up empty. I'm guessing we should've waited longer or something, or maybe it was too cold (in the teens) -- but my feet were frozen!

Still, I had mounted the camera on the tripod in case we got any looks at owls, so when I noticed the bright stars I couldn't help but try to capture them:Orion the Hunter! I had the camera set to Night mode, and with it mounted on the tripod I was able to get something (especially once I slid the Brightness slider over to the max in my photo editing software). I even managed to get the Messier clusters in the hunter's crotch area.

You can see the slight blur on each point as, even though the aperture was only open for a few seconds, the stars had time to move. That makes me think that I could try a longer exposure and maybe point at the North Star and get one of those crazy star-trails photos like you see in astronomy books. Next time!

Here's another:Though not as bright as Orion, it's still visible: the Big Dipper, held high overhead.

I sent some emails to the Birding Nerd to see if he's going owling again anytime soon; he had some Great Horned, Eastern Screech, and even a Barred Owl the other night. I'm sure he probably stayed out there longer than the 20 minutes we stayed out. But it was cold!


Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

Orion has been directly over our house the past few nights, it's been awesome.

Susan Gets Native said...

Neat shots!
"hunter's crotch".....that made me laugh.