Saturday, December 08, 2012

Anticipation: sneak peek at the spring birding trip!

Every year for the past three years I've traveled down to Texas to visit my parents and see new birds, and 2013 will provide a new twist on the trip: sister Mary and I will be going to Big Bend!

Usually, I go to the Rio Grande Valley, my birthplace and home until I went to college. Mary, however, has been lobbying for a Big Bend trip after spending time there with her hubby, professional drummer and all-around cool guy Jim. So this time around, we'll be headed for the Chisos Mountains and points west!

So far, my research indicates we'll be seeing some crazy new specialties like Phainopepla, Scaled Quail, and more. We might be a touch early for the featured bird, the Colima Warbler, but I like heading down there in February or March. Why so early in the year? because I grew up in Texas and know how hot it gets even in February! Next year, I'll head down for the last week in March.

You'll recall previous trips from 2010, 2011, and 2012. This time around, it'll be Mary and me, "roughing it" in Big Bend National Park. 

Can't wait!


Mitzi Renee said...

commenting on an old blog, it wouldn't let me comment on that particular post. I see marilyns face in the moon. Have for years. I've tried to show it to some people but they can't usually see it. My daughter is the one who showed it to me years ago.Did you know the bible refers to the moon "being fair". I wonder if that's what it's talking about. It's very plain to see once you see it & it does look just like Marilyn.

dguzman said...

Well, that's an old post, MR, but thanks for coming by the blog!