Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Hours

Time, time, time—see what's become of me. --Paul Simon

There's just never enough time for me to do all the things I want to do in a day. I try not to squander my hours here on earth, but it seems even the long summer days aren't long enough for me. Work, sleep, eating, loving my family, and other daily chores leave little time for taking a leisurely walk and looking for birds. I suppose I'm a dawdler, spending hours at a time reading a book I've already read, or watching a movie I've already seen. But I love re-reading good books, and good movies never get old or tiresome. Still—birding time is precious.

I've been making an effort to go out after dinner along Rte. 45 to watch for flocks of cedar waxwings. I saw a couple last week, and as the waxwing was a long-time life bird, I was thrilled. But the light was fading, and I wasn't able to see their true color. For the last few evenings, however, it's been raining – a lot. No flooding here like in the southeastern corner of the state, but my yard is definitely soggy.
We live next to a big marsh, so birds and other wildlife are abundant. I just wish the rain—and the clock—would stop, so I could stay out there and appreciate it all.

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