Thursday, June 22, 2006

On Binoculars

My binocs are an old pair of Leupolds I picked up for twenty bucks at the antique flea barn in Fort Worth, TX. (I used to live there--native Texan.)
The specs:
9x35 magnification
7.3 degree angle of view

Is that good, I wonder? I like them. They're pretty old, I think. They have gold rings around the eye chambers (chambers?), focus adjusters for each eye (definitely awesome when you wear contacts), and they smell kinda old and neat. I like them very much. I checked the Leupold site and found that their "gold ring" series (is that what I have, because mine have the gold rings?) are pretty expensive. Maybe I got a good deal for $20. Who knows? They work, anyhow.

Maybe someday I'll get some really powerful and expensive ones. But I doubt it. I spend most of my meager pocket money on snacks and food, woodworking tools and wood, and other such non-bird-related hobbies. Still--this birding thing is a lot of fun.

What kind of binocs do you have?

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