Thursday, June 22, 2006

My first picture

This isn't even a picture of a bird. It's our cat, Sweet Kitty Kisses, sitting in the cage of our bunny, Niblet. He doesn't have ears because his mother chewed them off when he was just born. Apparently, this is common in the animal world--mothers eating their young (or parts of them, at least). He just has that little stump on one side. The other side is flat.

Because I don't want a flurry of jealousy to occur, I'll also include a photo of Miss Kitty Claws, our other cat.

This is Clawsie, sleeping on Niblet's cage.

Both kitties are birders as well, often practicing their bird-calling skills from their perches in our open windows. I'm sure their motives are just as pure as mine--just to watch our feathered friends do what they do. . . .

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