Friday, June 08, 2007

Sick day photos

Em and I are both home sick today, which really blows. I did have a little walk outside this morning, though; I always force myself to get a little sunlight and fresh air when I'm sick, as they are a great tonic, so I dragged myself outside and got some nice photos. After about ten minutes, though, I was exhausted and came back inside. And despite all those early-morning birds out there, too--I hate being sick.

The garden has really taken off:

Compare that with the last photos I took, a couple of weeks after we'd planted. Kat was kind enough to weed last night; you can judge the difficulty of the job by looking at the solid green on the left and the nice dark soil between the rows on the right.

We were able to get a nice salad from the spinach and lettuce the other day, which has grown quickly and without bunny-aided interruption, thanks to our 8"-deep buried fence.

We finally beat the wild bunnies, who had thwarted our efforts so for the last two years, eating everything but the tomatoes and the corn. This year, it's picture-perfect.

There was a beautiful black and blue butterfly fluttering around this morning:

Is that a spicebush swallowtail?

The peonies are in full regalia:

and the multiflora rose is doing its multiflora thing:

I came back inside, bearing some treats for the Nibble, who was instantly in his happy place. I'll leave you with a little montage:

And what did you bring me?

What's this--fresh organically grown lettuce?

I believe this will do nicely!

Hee hee!

That was delicious, but--ahem--where is desert?

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!


Larry said...

-Beautiful butterfly phot!-The light hit it just right to show the colors.

LauraHinNJ said...

Fresh dandelions make the best dessert! Niblet is adorable.

Your garden looks wonderful - hope the critters stay away. Here they wait until just before harvest to attack and decimate!


dguzman said...

Thanks, Larry! There's nothing like morning sun to make a nice photo, and the butterfly was quite cooperative.

Laura, I know just how you feel--two years running now, we've had our garden nibbled down to the ground by hungry bunnies. I think we've got 'em licked this year, but I won't rule out the possibility of one of them taking a flying leap over the top of the fence. He'd be in bunny heaven!

I'm planning to take the Nibble out with me tomorrow so he can hop around inside the fence. I'll be sure to take photos, just like last year's two-part installment of Niblet in the Garden! He LOVES IT!

Thank you both for visiting!

Mary said...

That blue butterfly did get my attention! I love the montage - those bunnies are SOOOOOO CUTE!

Your garden is growing but you are sick. What a drag.

I hope you feel better soon, Delia!

Susan Gets Native said...

I love the shot of Niblet with that itty-bitty piece of greenery poking out of his mouth.

Mary said...

Delia, I thought I commented on how I hope you feel better soon! Love that Nibble! Please let us see his little outdoor safari?

dguzman said...

Niblet's such a good bunny--always playful and happy and loving. I'm lucky to have my little earless boy.

Definitely will post pics of Niblet playing in the garden; he's excited about it!

Laura said...

It's good therapy ain't it- getting outside and seeing such lovely things. Get well!

nina said...

Your butterfly looks a lot like mine--I had some help figuring out what it was--is it what you saw?

dguzman said...

Nina--yes, I think that's it -- a red-spotted purple! Talk about a weird name for a black and blue butterfly.