Friday, September 21, 2007

Crosspost for mercy

My blogpal Splotchy has a very new blog called Who's in Charge Here?, on which he posts publicity photos of bands and asks commenters to figure out who in the photo is actually the supposed "leader" of the band. His band choices are always obscure and the band photos are always hilarious: a bunch of uber-sensitive guys looking like the world just misunderstands them, or quirky neo-punk weirdos with bad hair and makeup, etc. You can tell the photographer (probably one of the bandmembers' significant others or something) was trying to "make a statement" for the band, pose them in such a way that you just couldn't resist the urge to buy their CD so you could hear about the emotions pulsing underneath that glossy surface.

The latest band is a two-woman outfit called Peach Candy. Only four people have commented on who's in charge, so Splotchy hasn't updated with the answer. (He waits for sufficient table-talk to have occurred.) Well, I'm DYING here, people! I gotta know if I picked the right one! So for a good time, head on over to Who's in Charge Here?


FranIAm said...

Done! And worth the visit!!

Splotchy said...

Thanks for calling attention to this important matter.

There have been a decent amount of people voting, but the two ladies of Peach Candy are still tied for leader.

As much as I hate to resort to this, I might have to call on Dick Cheney to render a verdict.

dguzman said...

OMG, please someone get over there before Big Dick steps in.

Anonymous said...

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