Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Brief check-in from Texas

Well, bloggy pals, I'm exhausted. Happy, but exhausted!

I'll give full details later, but here are the highlights:

--didn't see the White-throated Thrush or the Blue Bunting but did see the Green Kingfisher and the Black-vented Oriole

--didn't see the Aplomado Falcon but did see the White-tailed Hawk

--didn't see any Lazuli Buntings but saw a bunch of Pyrrhuloxias

--did hit (and exceed) 300 but haven't even tallied up all the lists to see how many birds and lifers we saw

Each night, we'd get back to the hotel and just fall asleep! We're in Kingsville now at my brother's, and we're trying to decide whether to hit Kaufer-Hubert or Aransas on our way home to San Antonio.

Gotta get up and eat breakfast now with my brother and niece; at some point (tonight? tomorrow?) I'll process the photos, make my crops, and get some updates up.

Just know that we saw a whole lot of birds, missed a few birds, and had a great time.
See ya later, alligator!

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