Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Baby birdies all around!

Niki and I were out in the courtyard at work yesterday afternoon, on break (which of course we stringently and religiously limit to 15 minutes! Really!) (ed. note: well, not really), and we kept hearing this sharp "chip!" sound. It sounded a little high, almost shriek-like, for a cardinal, so I walked around in the direction of the sound.

Here's what I found:

Little guy was tiny--probably three inches from tip of the beak to his stubby little bottom. He flew a bit at first, afraid of me, but he landed on one of the tables and sat for me.

SO--as it happens, just this morning I read a post on Julie Zickefoose's blog about what she did when she found a little lonely fledgling, peeping for his mother or father to come find him. I then did what she did, pulling out my Walkman BirdJam and playing a Chipping Sparrow's trilly call. I wasn't sure what kind of bird this was--other than sparrow--so I guess chippy because we had some in the courtyard last year too.

So I played the call--no response. I walked around, blasting the chippy trills at full volume. Nothing.

I was worried. Note that I should've realized at this point that maybe it wasn't a chipping sparrow, but it never occurred to me to question my shaky ID. Go figure.

Suddenly, an adult sparrow appeared on the roof at the edge of the courtyard. I looked up.



By now, the cute little baby was chipping away again in his little "mommy help me!" voice.

House sparrow baby? How could you be a house sparrow?!

My loud "Dammit it's a house sparrow!" frightened Daddy HOSP away, but I'm sure he'll come back for Junior. Dammit. I played the house sparrow call for a bit, just in case.

In the meantime, as I walked back to the table where we were snacking (on hummus and fresh carrots and green peppers! And keeping it to fifteen minutes! Really!) (ed. note: yes, the veggies and hummus part is true, but the break has now lasted at least 25 minutes), and there, near the table, is a baby American Robin!

You can't see it in the photo but I love the way their little not-yet-red breasts are colored. Those speckles are so nice; do you suppose they are colored that way so that they mix in with the leaves and the nest better? And will ya look at that stubby little butt?

I love baby birds!

PS--I bet a lot of you recognized that the baby sparrow was a HOSP right off the bat, didn't you?


Lynne said...

HOSP or not, a baby is a baby and tat one is adorable! Good for you for thinking to call in the parent. Isn't this blogging thing cool? The way we share ideas and info about the things we love- it reall is kind of amazing. Love the robin-baby-butt. A new tongue twister?

I for one have NEVER (yeah...right...) taken a break form work that is longer than allowed...............snicker......

dguzman said...

isn't he adorable, Lynne? My gosh, he was sooooo small!

robin baby butt robin baby butt robin baby butt robin baby butt--nope, no problem there! (hee hee)
Glad to know that you are as strict as Niki and I are on our breaktimes! ;)

KGMom said...

Delia--good for you, even if you gritted your teeth rescuing a HOSP.
I agree on the cuteness of baby birds. I remember reading somewhere that baby critters--mammals, certainly, and probably extending to baby birds--have similar "features". The smallness, the big heads, pleading looks etc. All designed to make other creatures melt (except for those who are thinking "there's a tasty morsel."

NCmountainwoman said...

We are all blithering suckers when it comes to babies of all kinds. I love the fact that you cursed the little one for being a House Sparrow, but still tuned the iPod to HOSP call. And who knows? The baby may turn out not to be as bad as the parents. (yeah...right)

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Read this at work and a little squeeee! slipped out. So cute!

I hope the baby got to its parent okay.

Susan Gets Native said...

*yes, I knew it was a HOSP....but I let you go on anyway.*

: )

ehunter said...

Adorable little birds. I do like their stubby beaks, wings, and tails. Even little House Sparrows are cute. Actually, I like adult ones too.

ehunter said...

Actually, I've coined a term for myself. It popped in my head one day. But when I see something screamingly cute like those baby birds I now assign those kind of creatures as members of Precious Planet.

So your baby Robin and HOSP too definitely belong on Precious Planet.

Hope that's not too corny.