Thursday, July 03, 2008

Day-before-the-holiday restlessness

I am soooooo geeked up right now: it's a three-day holiday weekend, we're going to Maryland to see Kat's best friend and her family, AND we're going to see the Chesapeake Bay!

"Restlessness" hardly covers what I'm feeling now, as my legs bounce up and down on my toes at uncontrollable speeds, I'm mainlining coffee (not a good idea, but what the hell), and I'm trying to get all my work done.

While perusing a little "hot all-bird action" over at Birdchick's blog, I found out about something that all beginning birders should strive for: the Bird Author Pose™, inspired by Pete Dunne, gamely copied by Birdchick herself, and unintentionally (and kinda poorly) done by yours truly in Cape May! Thanks to Laura at SomewhereinNJ for taking this photo of the beginning birder:

Note the wind-blown locks, the dorky ID access tag, and the crappy scope and meh-tripod. Beginning to bird indeed! I didn't even do the profile/over-the-shoulder pose, dangit!

I sure hope we get to see some good birds down in Maryland. I'll be sure to take pictures (no, really!).


Lynne said...

I LOVE the pose! You look relaxed and happy, the lighting is nice- you look terrific! Have a safe trip for your loong weekend.

(pouting because I have to work all 4 nights...)

KGMom said...

Delia--I totally agree with Lynne. It's a great portrait. You do look very happy.
Those of us who are non-birders, and don't know much about photograph--well, we wouldn't criticize your equipment.
Enjoy your 3-day weekend.

NCmountainwoman said...

Ditto to the comments about your looks. Hope you have a wonderful, safe and happy weekend.

FranIAm said...

Oh Delia, I so love that picture. You are gorgeous, you know that. Your smile lights up the room.

And in your birdy goodness!!!

Can't wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Great photo! You look fantastic in your birding gear!

Have a blast!

Rabbits' Guy said...

If you are not a birder you are Nat. Geo. Photog!

Susan Gets Native said...

I happen to think that you look cute.
And what crappy scope? Are you on dope? That rhymed.

You look happy. And all birded out. That was one of my best memories for that trip.

LauraHinNJ said...

Birder's World cover photo - I told you!

(Wishing I had photoshopped out the nerdy registration tag.)

That was a great weekend Delia - your smile reminds me of that.

dguzman said...

You are all so sweet -- I was completely relaxed (exhausted!) and happy, and the Annie Liebowitz of the Flock, Laura H, captured it just right. And I kinda like the nerdy tags!

We had a blast in Maryland, and I took all kinds of crazy photos, though the only real bird of note was an osprey--a nest with a mother and her two nestlings, with daddy flying around looking threatening. That was pretty awesome. I will say one thing, though--man, it is HOT AND HUMID down there!

Exciting posts and photos to come! And thanks again, my birdy friends, for your sweetness!

Dr. Zaius said...

An awesome photo, to be sure! You look like an important photojournalist in a pose used for the inside flap of a coffee table book about American wildlife.

Speaking of American wildlife - more Niblet pictures, please!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You are cuter than cute in that shot.