Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gone to Texas, baby

Photo credit, even though I believe it's real and not an urban myth!

...for my sister's wedding. Be back next Wednesday!

(I tried to find a YouSeriesofTubes version of the Texas classic "Gone to Texas, Baby" by Terry Allen, but I couldn't. Sorry!)


KGMom said...

YIKES--not liking that snake, I can tell you.

Fran said...


D- hope you had fun. I lost that new email addy of yours, send again please.

And come see my new place!

Jack said...

WOW! that will be a very funny movement i guess..Enjoy take care..
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dguzman said...

KGMom--me neither! But I have seen some huge snakes in Texas.

Fran--I'll send you my new address.