Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lifer 208 with photo!

Okay, I didn't say it was a good picture. But it's a picture! Of a Stellar's Jay! Note the crest!

This guy was perched in a tree above a very noisy crowd of people at a picnic spot in the middle of the Armstrong Woods near Guerneville. They even had a PARROT with them. I didn't get a photo of that. I was too disgusted... and confused! Why would a group of people (a) picnic in such a majestic woodland as this? and (b) bring a parrot to a picnic in the woods? He even had his own little perch, not even in a cage! (Now I wish I'd taken a picture.)

Anyway, that's lifer #208, and he was beautiful. The pic really doesn't do him a bit of justice.

I also saw these two Ravens (?) near the entrance of the woods. They were making the craziest sounds--like a snorting, pig-like sound.

As you can see, we went to the Armstrong Woods State Park today, and we were awed into absolute silence. Words just can't describe what I felt in there; Matty and I just had to stop and look at each other sometimes, and we were both choking up about every five minutes, moved to tears by the trees. I'll put the photos of the trees into a separate post, one with no words, because that's what they deserve. Please check the post below this one for those photos.

Did you know that there are redwoods in only three places in the entire world? The Coastal Redwood and the Giant Sequoia both grow in California. My family went to the Sequoia National Forest when I was in high school, so I saw those trees--and they really were huge. Coastal redwoods are the tallest trees in the world, and Giant Sequoias are the largest (shorter but fatter). Dawn Redwoods only grow in China.That's two of the three spots for redwoods right here, 45 minutes away from us. The only ones in the entire world--these trees that were saplings a thousand years before the common era.

And we saw them today.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Thanks for sharing your day in the big trees with Matty. I can't even imagine the size and grandeur.

Beth said...

Congrats on #208. And I love your new banner.


dguzman said...

Lynne--I was there and I still couldn't fathom it.

Beth--thanks! That was my Western Scrub Jay.

Susan Gets Native said...

You're catching up to me, girl!
And I'm sure you will rack up so many more lifers out there in Cali.
*jealous...must. find. way. to. visit. Delia.*

Earl Cootie said...

I love Steller's Jays. I still remember the first one I ever saw. (One of my trigger birds.) I thought it was the most beautiful bird I'd ever seen.

dguzman said...

Susan--definitely! Dr. McMatterson and I would be thrilled!

Earl--He was awfully beautiful, but I liked the Western Scrub Jay more--that glowing blue on his 'tocks was mesmerizing!

Rabbits' Guy said...

I'm glad you got into the redwoods already. You can camp among them in several of the spots up 101 toward Oregon. No words can describe, nor should they! Speaks highly of the foresight of the people years ago who preserved so many groves.

As a long time westerner, it is going to be fun to see how you experience and describe the area ... some time you will go out to Point Reyes and that will be good to see your opinion too! And obviously - wine country and wine time!

Stellar Jays .. the camp robbers of the West!!!

dguzman said...

Rabbits' Guy--I'm going to Point Reyes next! I'm going to Texas on Thursday morning for my sister's wedding, but next week--Point Reyes or bust!

dyana said...

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dAwN said...

Congrats on your life bird!
I am now catching up on your blog..have lacked internet connection for a while.;..we are also traveling out west. Now in Montana.
Love the redwoods..I know how you felt..they are amazing!
I am going to catch up now..
Oh u never got back to me on if u are interested in a bird bloggers outing in northern cal.
other bloggers interested..let me know if u are.

Jack said...

First one is the best one i guess...Thats really great to see this one..

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