Friday, August 14, 2009

Lifer 207!

I just saw what I am certain was an Anna's Hummingbird! They are very noisy little characters, and I actually pished (well, I imitated his squeaky sucking noises with my lips/teeth) and conversed with him! He DEFINITELY had a red forehead, and Peterson's says that Anna's is the only US hummer with a red crown. LIFER! He allowed me to get pretty close--it would've been so easy to get a pic, and I wish I could say I had a pic, but I didn't have my camera with me, as I was walking back from submitting my application at Starbuck's (of all places). Hey--I can't afford to be choosy! I've applied other places too!

Still, I've seen hummers at this little spot, right at the entrance to my little neighborhood, a bunch of times, so I'm determined to get a pic soon. Now that I'm such the expert pisher and all.**

**Susan and Laura are NOT allowed to comment on my former belief that pishing meant you just said "pish... pish... pish..." over and over again into the trees. Shut up! How was I to know just from reading about it in the books!? If it's really "psh-psh-psh-psh" then why isn't it spelled like that?!


Mary said...

Lol! It's pshhhh pshhhhh and sometimes you do it low and vibrating. Not PISH. PISH.

Delia you are too much.

Anna's! Wow! You are going to add a lot to your list over there. I need to catch up with your blog and your trip...

I would incite an ant war but the nests are under the freakin' deck.


Anonymous said...

Delia, are you aware of NorthBayBirds? it is a Yahoo group that will keep you apprised of birds in the NorthBay Area. It is very useful.
I think that there is a similar listserve for Sonoma County too.

John said...

I do something more like k-pshhh-wshhh-wshhh-wshhh. That seems to me like a closer approximation of a titmouse scold, which is what I try to imitate.

Congrats on the lifer.

dguzman said...

Mary--I had no clue from the descriptions of "pishing" in books; I had to learn the hard way, with Susan and Laura laughing their asses off at me in Cape May!

Rick--oh cool! I was aware of the Madrone Audubon, but not the others. I'll sniff around on the google.

John--ah, interesting.... (trying it)... yeah! Thanks!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

LOL! You crack me up Delia!

You are quickly going to run the rest of us easterners into the ground with your HUGE growing life list.
Are you really thinking of Potholes and Prairies? That would make you, Katdoc, Tim and me!!

Good luck on the Starbucks job. I heard you can actually do well in tips.

Beth said...

Way to go on the Anna's. How freakin' COOL is that? And I pish it "shpissshhhh, shpisshhhh". Just tell Laura and Susan "To each his own!" (said with nose slightly in the air, looking down at them condescendingly). ;)


Anonymous said...

Put up a feeder and you'll get a squillion of them ;)

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