Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blogging against a border wall in Texas

Elizabird just sent this email out to several bloggers, and I definitely want to weigh in.

Visit the No Border Wall blog before October 15 for information on how you can submit your comments on the proposed border wall.

Public comments are being accepted regarding the proposed idiotic idea of building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants along the border between Texas and Mexico. This idea is just plain idiotic for many reasons, the chief one being that WALLS DON'T WORK! Having lived in Harlingen near the border for almost half my life, I know for a fact that there's probably NO way to keep determined people from coming over the border into our country. They'll go over, under, or around these walls. They always have.

As long as people perceive the situation in America is better than that in Mexico, Mexicans will come to the USA. As long as there are people here willing to hire them, Mexicans will come to the USA. And believe me, there will ALWAYS be people in the USA to hire illegal immigrants, whether they be business owners trying to get cheap labor, farmers trying to get cheap pickers, or people trying to get cheaper childcare/maids. In addition to the people trying to exploit these immigrants are those who are sympathetic and are just trying to help them out, give them work, help them get food and shelter. They have walls in California, and you can bet they're not slowing down illegal immigration one bit. People will just end up paying "coyotes" (illegal human traffickers) to bring them over, and THAT is a fate you don't want to wish on anyone.

The second reason this wall is a bad idea is the environmental impact. Visit the blog to read about this, but plain and simple -- animals and birds will be hurt by this wall. After everything they've done down there to promote the wildlife and birdlife, much of it done with our tax dollars, we've got to step forward and demand that this wall proposal be scrapped.


FranIAm said...

Having seen the wall built in Israel, that was horrifying enough.

And of course there was this debacle.

Que lastima. Que triste. Que lastima.

dguzman said...

Gees, I hadn't heard about that governmental stroke of genius. Feckin' imbeciles all of 'em. Who built that thing, Halliburton?

KGMom said...

How incredibly ironic that this present administration builds a wall, especially given that the president that Bush seeks to emulate (Reagan)was famous for saying--Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this waal.

Well, Mr. Bush--tear down this wall.

dguzman said...

Right on, KG Mom!

BeckEye said...

I think a wall is a great idea. A big, steel one. Around Washington, DC.

dguzman said...

BeckEye, welcome to btb! Interesting you should mention this concept. I've only been to DC's monuments once, and they'd erected this ugly plywood wall around the Washington Monument with all these restrictions on when/how you could get into the structure. But then under all that, a sign read, "Experience YOUR America." Perhaps, but only on THEIR schedule, it seemed. A-holes.

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