Monday, May 21, 2007

Post #150--and a pileated!

This morning when I got in the car to wait for Kat, I happened to look over at Neighbor Ed's front yard and saw a pileated woodpecker!

I was so freaked out that I dared not get any closer than our driveway, so these are pretty fuzzy--but it's definitely a pileated!

This is a true lifebird for me, in that I've wanted to see one of these since I was a little kid watching Woody Woodpecker and I found out somewhere that he was modeled after a pileated. Wow.

Kat couldn't believe how huge he was, like a big crow or larger, pecking at the base of an old stump. I wish I could've stayed and watched him all day long, but Kat had to get to school and I had to go to work.

Wow. I'm still all freaked out. What an amazing bird.

On a sidenote: Since this new "autosaving of drafts" thing, I'm unable to view a preview of my posts. I click on the Preview Since I've never been able to get a full menu at the top of the post window (all I get are the icons for spellcheck, for adding photos, and for Preview since I switched to Macintosh and Apple's Safari browser), I can only see the HTML view while composing. So without a preview, I'm just guessing how things look until I post them. Grr... Need to get a different browser but downloading them takes a million years with dial-up. Oy vey.

Anyway--I saw a pileated!


Catbird said...

Congratulations! The Pileated is one exciting bird, one I've often seen close to the ground (maybe to take advantage of the ant buffet). Isn't it great when a lifer comes to you?

Susan Gets Native said...

The only views I have had of pileated has been flying away from me.
That bird would have just made my day!

dguzman said...

It totally made my week, Susan. And yes, Catbird, it just came to me! Or came to Neighbor Ed's, anyway. I guess that doesn't count as my yardbird, huh?

Mary said...

I've only seen pileated woodpeckers on blogs :o(

dguzman said...

Well, it was really just complete coincidence that I was even looking over toward Neighbor Ed's lawn! The whole thing was almost surreal.

I hope you see one soon too! Pileateds for everyone!

Catbird said...

I count yardbirds as those I've seen in, over, or from my yard -- so if you can see Neighbor Ed's from your yard, you might wanna count it. But since it's your yard list, your rules should apply.

LauraHinNJ said...

Congrats on that big woodpecker!

I'll see one someday (I hope!)

Everything looks fine from here - despite your troubles. Blogger is challenging, isn't it!

dguzman said...

I think I'll call it a yardbird--but I don't really keep a yardbird list. Maybe I'll start one--it'll be fun!

I hope you see one too, Laura!