Friday, May 29, 2009

Another reason my workplace is great

You'll recall this cool thing they did during Kids-to-Work Day.

Now, here's an email I just got from someone in HR:

Many of you have already heard that we have a mama and eight baby ducks in the courtyard. By nature, mother ducks are very protective. The courtyard will remain open but please respect the ducks and do not go looking for them in the grass or trees. You can see them swimming in the pond and waterfall area through the cafeteria doors. Thank you.


My birding plans for this weekend are pretty ambitious, and I'm totally pumped: First, tonight, Baby G and her girlfriend plus my girlfriend and I are having a double-date-birding-night-extravaganza! We're meeting at AB's (my wonderful girlfriend) house for dinner and drinks, and then we're all going out to the Scotia Barrens for more warbler/woodcock/whip-poor-will action!

Then tomorrow morning, AB and I are headed to Penns Valley, my old stomping grounds, for a little field birding in the mostly Amish-farmed fields, and then we're going to the Nittany Antique Machinery Show for fun and frolic!

I'm also hoping to do some birding on Sunday in an unspecified location (perhaps where they hide Dick Cheney?). Haven't decided where yet.

What are your plans?


NCmountainwoman said...

Have a great time. Unfortunately, you won't find Dick Cheney's hiding place since he doesn't hide anymore. Why do they give that #$%&*#* air time?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

There's nothing quite like hot warbler/woodcock/whip-poor-will on warbler/woodcock/whip-poor-will action is there? ;0)

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Your weekend has mine beat.
I'm wooorking.

Have fun!!

RG said...

Getting over my cold ....

Dawn Fine said...

Ducks in the workplace!
Sounds like you have a super dooper weekend planed. Hope you see lots of great birds..
I dont know who that bird is that you photographed on the post below..but maybe a waterthrush...thats a shot in the dark.
and that call ..tee hee..very cool but i have no clue there.

this weekend We are having a party for our daughter who graduated Hunter School of Social Work.

Happy birding!

dguzman said...

NCMtnWoman--I wonder the very same thing! The guy is NO ONE now! Quit covering his lies!

Dr. Monkey--indeed, sir!


Rabbits' Guy--oh, take care! Get some rest!

Dawn--cool for your daughter! Congrats!