Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last night after work, I took a tiny detour into the Scotia Barrens to listen for whatever birds might be calling at about 8:45pm. I heard mostly spring peepers, but I also heard a Whip-poor-will calling in the distance, and then I saw this:
This little guy was sitting on the road as I drove slowly, listening for sounds. I only took a couple of quick snaps and then swung way around to give him plenty of room. I don't know if he even flew off the road as I passed; I didn't hear or see anything.

I'm pretty sure this IS a Whippoorwill; I looked at Common Nighthawk, but they have barring on their breasts and darker tail feathers. So -- I'm thinking Whip.

Whip-poor-will was my 200th lifebird, back in May of 2009. I never thought I'd get a photo of one -- very cool!


Jen Sanford said...

So awesome!! Definitely not a bird you see a lot of photos of!

John B. said...

I'm inclined to agree on Whippoorwill. Nice find! I've only heard them, never seen one.

dguzman said...

Jen, thanks! I know--I couldn't believe he just sat there for me.

John--cool, now I know I was right!